Pikashow for PC

Pikashow doesn’t need any introduction as it is one of the leading streaming apps in the online world. In this app you will find more than 1500 live tv channels, movies collection, songs collection and different OTT platforms like netflix and Hotstar. The main reason for its popularity is that it provides a wide range of configuration such as video quality can be adjusted and the app provides the flexibility to download videos. Like any other streaming app, Pikashow for PC can be downloaded from different platforms.

The main reason for its popularity is that it provides a wide range of configuration such as video quality can be adjusted and the app provides the flexibility to download videos.Actually, the app supports Android devices and iPhones, which is probably an unwanted feature for those who like to watch streaming on the big screen. So we can live stream any type of device for example PC, computer, macook,  laptop and all type of windows like window 7, window 8,  window 10 and window 11.

Features of PikaShow for PC

As we have told you earlier that Pikashow app supports both Android and iPhone systems. But you can use it on Windows operating devices but its features will vary different.

Use All the App’s Features

Whether you download and use the Pikashow app for Android, for ios or for PC the built-in features remain the same in all of them. There is no doubt that it is one of the best features that not all of its opponent apps have and makes it better than them.

Easy Way to Use

It is easier to use this app on Windows operating devices like laptops and PCs as all its functions are clearly visible on large screens. You won’t have to scroll to find the content you need, you can easily access it.

Personalized Streaming

Like the Android settings, you can adjust the video quality in the PC settings, which can be adjusted between 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4k frames. This app also supports sub-title and multi-watch screen so you can understand different languages.

Download with Just One Click

Whenever people see an interesting and good content on a streaming app, they definitely think away from that to get it and share it with their friends. Keeping this in mind, Pikashow provides two different but nice features. Firstly, you can download any video in one click and secondly, you can create a playlist of it so that you can watch it later.

Additional features of Pikashow for PC

Why Should Watch PikaShow on PC

There is no doubt that streaming on window operating devices is more interesting and enjoyable than Android device and iPhone screen. More benefits and features of Pikashow for PC and Laptop are given which you can read up and enjoy.

Bigger Screen

 One of the biggest advantages of downloading the Pikashow app on PC and laptop is that you can watch and enjoy your favorite content on the big screen. It enhances your streaming experience and minimizes the strain on your eyes, allowing you to stream for longer.

Better PictureQuality

While watching movies and dramas on Android or iOS, you have limited options to control the picture quality due to which you cannot make the picture quality any better.

But when you watch this on window operating devices for example laptop and PC etc., the picture quality increase a lot and you can enjoy it more.

Enjoy Without Interruptions

When you are live streaming on Android phone, it stops you from receiving messages and notifications, but when you are live streaming on computer or PC, you do not face any such interruption. You can enjoy your streaming experience without any interruptions or hassles.


While using Pikashow on a laptop or PC, you can do multi-tasking like shuffling tabs and it won’t cause any problems or restrictions during your streaming. Whereas if you use this app on Android phone, it stops your timing process and does not let you perform any other task.

Download PikaShow for PC Windows 10/8/7

There are many ways to download Pikashow on Windows 7, 8 and 10. And using Android including LD players are the best and easiest ways to run it on different models of Android.

  1. Any Android Emulator can download from its official website or Google Play Store.
  2. Complete their installation process and launch them according to the respective window.
  3. The most interesting thing is that all these emulators already have Google Play Store installed inside them, as soon as you click on it, you will immediately access the Play Store.
  4. Go to the Play Store and search for the Pikashow app and click on the Install button.
  5. Finally open the app completes your verification process and enjoy movies dramas live stream channel in it.

Download PikaShow for PC Windows 11

Downloading Windows 11 Pikashow App is a very difficult task because Windows 11 is a very modern and sophisticated window system that requires a lot of technical steps to install tiles. We have given you step by step detailed to install Pikashow on Windows 11 that you can follow and download the app easily.

Windows 11 Requirements

  1. Your System’s RAM should be 8 GB.
  2. Your PC should have these features : Intel Core i3 8th Gen or Core i4 Gen.
  3. Windows version must be 22000.526 or higher for this app to run smoothly.
  4. Internal Storage: Your device should have SST installed without it the app may have problem in running

Check for Microsoft Store Update

The point is that your PC must be 22110,1402,6,0 using the Microsoft App Store fully in order to fall back on the Amazon App Store download features of Windows 11.