Features for android

Explorer’s features can be broadly divided into two categories: Live Streaming Integrations Options Although these categories are interrelated, they serve separate functions within the app.

Stream for Free

This app allows its users to watch movies, dramas and TV shows for free. Users can access and enjoy a wide range of content without any fees or hidden charges.

Watch clear and smooth videos

This app provides good quality video that allows users to watch their favorite shows in high resolution. It provides HD and Full HD video quality and gives a good experience to the viewers.

Many Languages Available

It supports many different languages ​​so it can be used by all fans from different regions. All fans can choose their favorite language for the app interface and watch the content in their favorite language.

Simple and Easy Interface for Users

App Download 2024 has a nice interface that can be easily understood. All fans can search for topics according to different content and watch their favorite content. The users  can understand the app’s setting in minutes  without any help.

Download and Watch Later without Internet

App allows users to download movies and dramas to watch offline. The users can watch the downloaded content anywhere and access it anytime. This downloaded content resides on storage devices.

Use Other Video Players

Pikashow  Apk  allows the use of other video players so that users  can watch the content on the video player of their choice. It allows the user to customize their favorite video player.

Get Notified Easily

It gives notifications to inform you about the upcoming drama episodes, movies and series’ first. This app notifies you daily with the help of which users stay aware of drama and movie updates.

Your Favorite Videos

Pikashow apk allows the users of the app to create a favorite list where they can save their favorite TV shows, movies and web series. These features help the users get quick access to premium content quickly and easily.

Always Fresh Content

New movies, dramas and web series are regularly updated on this app. Due to which the user is aware of the new content and can get right to the content of his choice. With the help of this feature, the user can stay updated with the latest content.

Choose Your Video Quality

Users can change the video quality according to their internet speed. Picasho Premium app can increase the quality of streaming up to 240p، 480p، 720p, 1080p and 4k.

Share with Friends

Users can share movies, dramas and live TV channels with their friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook etc. You can easily share content with your friends and family without any manual effort.

Additional Features

Wide Content Selection

It has a wide range of movies, TV shows, web series and live TV channels from different languages. All fans can explore a wide range of content and enjoy their favorite dramas and movies. This app has a lot of content examples.

  •  Hollywood: The pikashow app has a lot of Bollywood movies that are perfect for user taste
  • Bollywood: This app provides a huge number of Indian movies popularly known as Bollywood.
  • Tollywood : A number of fans love Telugu movies, which is why Pikashow has recently added a collection of Telugu movies as well.
  •  South Indian: South Indian movies are also very popular and enjoyed by the people, hence Pikashow has a collection of them too.

Watch Live TV on Pikashow

If live TV channels are usually available only on local network cable but sometimes due to restrictions users may not get right to their favorite channel.

  •  Pikashow APK gives you a good medium to watch your favorite channels as it has no restrictions.There are more than 500 channels that entertain the user. And you can enjoy your favorite dramas and movies on various broadcasts.
  • STAR Plus: One of India’s best entertainment channels Star Plus is available seamlessly on Pikashow.
  •  Sun TV: Pikashow app allows all its fans to watch all dramas, movies, news and shows of Sun TV.
  • Goldmines: All-time movie broadcasts are featured on Goldmines live channels available on the Pikashow app.
  • Colors: One of the most watched channels around the world is the  Color TV channel which is available on the Pikashow app to make sure that all users have access to its content.

Watch Movies on Pikashow

Pikashow App is regarded by its infinite data of thousands of movies and dramas in various languages ​​from around the world including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and Karnataka. Users can find thousands of movies and dramas from Action Adventure Comedy Drama Every Musical every genre here. Realizing that most of the people prefer to watch movies based on Saif rather than dramas from the original company, this app offers a collection of them.

Watch Sports Live on Pikashow

Sports lovers are the main part of this app; they don’t like other channels and platforms so much. Typically local cable operators offer 5 to 8 international sports channels in one package. Users can also access and view past games played using the app’s features.

  •  Cricket: Cricket is the second most played sport in the world Pikashow app presents every event happening in the world of cricket at the international level in HD quality.
  • Football: Pikashow is the best platform to watch any football event around the world, be it a Premier League match or even a Champions League final.
  •  Hockey: Very few channels broadcast live hockey shows but pikashow Apk offers live streaming of every hockey tournament to its users.
  •  WWE: Pikashow is also the best choice for WWE fans as it has the ability to broadcast all WWE programs in HD quality.

Features for PC

As we have told you earlier that Pikashow app supports both Android and iPhone systems. But you can use it on Windows operating devices but its features will vary different.

Use All the App’s Features

Whether you download and use the Pikashow app for Android, for ios or for PC the built-in features remain the same in all of them. There is no doubt that it is one of the best features that not all of its opponent apps have and makes it better than them.

Easy Way to Use

It is easier to use this app on Windows operating devices like laptops and PCs as all its functions are clearly visible on large screens. You won’t have to scroll to find the content you need, you can easily access it.

Personalized Streaming

Like the Android settings, you can adjust the video quality in the PC settings, which can be adjusted between 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4k frames. This app also supports sub-title and multi-watch screen so you can understand different languages.

Download with Just One Click

Whenever people see an interesting and good content on a streaming app, they definitely think away from that to get it and share it with their friends. Keeping this in mind, Pikashow provides two different but nice features. Firstly, you can download any video in one click and secondly, you can create a playlist of it so that you can watch it later.

Additional features of Pikashow for PC

Why Should Watch PikaShow on PC

There is no doubt that streaming on window operating devices is more interesting and enjoyable than Android device and iPhone screen. More benefits and features of Pikashow for PC and Laptop are given which you can read up and enjoy.

Bigger Screen

 One of the biggest advantages of downloading the Pikashow app on PC and laptop is that you can watch and enjoy your favorite content on the big screen. It enhances your streaming experience and minimizes the strain on your eyes, allowing you to stream for longer.

Better PictureQuality

While watching movies and dramas on Android or iOS, you have limited options to control the picture quality due to which you cannot make the picture quality any better.

But when you watch this on window operating devices for example laptop and PC etc., the picture quality increase a lot and you can enjoy it more.

Enjoy Without Interruptions

When you are live streaming on Android phone, it stops you from receiving messages and notifications, but when you are live streaming on computer or PC, you do not face any such interruption. You can enjoy your streaming experience without any interruptions or hassles.


While using Pikashow on a laptop or PC, you can do multi-tasking like shuffling tabs and it won’t cause any problems or restrictions during your streaming. Whereas if you use this app on Android phone, it stops your timing process and does not let you perform any other task.